After the launch of their Baby&Me campaign, we partnered with Marvel
to create a series of billboards introducing SpiderBaby to celebrate the launch
of The Amazing Spiderman 2. I worked on the print and the activation around
the TV commercial.

Creative Director : Filip Nilsson - Art Directors : Agnès Cavard + Mathilde Fallot + Félix Falzon  -  Copywriter : Valérie Chidlovsky + Güllit Baku - Print Photographer : Benni Valsson

Custom popcorn boxes as part of the PR kit, in the metro station, SpiderBaby spreading his lit up tape spiderweb
out of his billboard to catch the Evian dispenser.

360 activation Concept ideas...
A mirrored google homepage, a live knitted billboard with every social media repost (refering to SpiderBaby’s outfit),