I designed the "Golab Waminrg" poster during the 2007 International Poster Festival of Chaumont. It has won the 2nd Prize of the competition, as well as 1st prize of the competition for the 2009 Ljubljana Poster Festival.

The "Golab Waminrg" Poster has since then been featured in the Green Patriot Posters campaign created by The Canary Project. The Green Patriot Posters Campaign gathers and encourages artists and designers to bring awareness on sustainability.

Susannah Tantemsapya, founder of the collective Creative Migration produced and directed "Post New Bills", a documentary about by the Green Patriot Posters Project which I am a part of alongside Shepard Fairey, Michael Bierut, DJ Spooky and many more.

Events where "Post New Bills" or "Green Patriot Posters" have been a part of include :

- Design Museum Boston
-Graphic Design : Now in Production on Governor's Island and then in the Hammer Museum of Los Angeles and Contemporary Art Museum of Houston, Texas.
-Design Museum foundation of Chicago

Post New Bills has been screened in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Berkeley, Boston, Stockholm and Paris.

The "Golab Waminrg" Poster is featured in Vivienne's Westwood book
"100 days of active Resistance".